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Relaxed from tip to toe

Gentle body masks

Body packs combine relaxation with care. Snug and cocooned in cosy warmth, your skin is infused with a selection of nutrients.

Herbal body pack
Pick your own herbs, blossoms and precious oils, then have them combined to supply your skin with natural essences that leave it feeling silky smooth.

Sea algae pack
Pulverised blue-green algae with high mineral content blends with essential oils to stimulate metabolism and develop its detoxifying, remineralising action.

Aloe vera body mask
The precious nutrients of the aloe vera plant moisturise and soothe the skin.

Fango mud pack with cinnamon and chilli
This warming body pack stimulates skin circulation, activates metabolism and relaxes the muscles.

Prices for body masks
45 min €75
incl. facial or foot massage €95

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