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Soothing and revitalising:

Exfoliating treatments in the Vichy shower

This unique shower experience revives the senses. The Vichy shower affords the luxury of showering lying down – the jets are mounted horizontally. Experience the renewal of velvety-soft skin. Choose from various exfoliating treatments.

Lather Exfoliation
With hand-lathered soap for a fresh and soft complexion.

Shea Butter Sugar Scrub with Orange
Gently cleans and nourishes skin.

Detox Body Exfoliation
Purging body exfoliating treatment that stimulates the metabolism and infuses the skin with minerals.

Oat-Honey Exfoliation
Fine-milled oats and orange peel smooth the skin, while olive oil and honey moisturise and soothe it.

Herbal Exfoliation
Herbs from our own garden and precious oil soothe and cleanse the skin.

Salt Exfoliation with algae
An intensely rich and nourishing exfoliating treatment with sea salt and almond oil.

Prices for exfoliating treatments:
25 min, €35

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