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For all of the senses:

Pampering Treatments

We have combined various treatments into one-of-a-kind spa experiences especially for your time out. These treatments also include entry to our GartenSpa for our one-day guests.

Well-being amidst the waves
Trust in the natural healing properties of the sea: First, we cleanse your body gently with an algae-sea salt exfoliating treatment. To do this, you will lie in our Vichy shower with horizontal jets. The back-neck massage that follows releases tension and blockages, allowing you to relax into a body pack of brown and red fanweed sea algae.
95 min €105

Like Vikings in Miklagard
Miklagard was the Scandinavians’ name for far-off Constantinople, the “Great City”. We will make you feel like a Viking transported to another world: An exclusive Rasul ceremony is followed by a cleansing lather wash. Enjoy an energising massage as the crowning touch to your treatment.
140 min
€110 per person
€195 for two people

A Dream of Wild Herbs
Enjoy a traditional Rasul ceremony, then let an aromatic oil massage release blockages. After that, experience one of the most intense Ayurveda treatments ever – shirodhara (in which oil is poured over the forehead) – for moments of perfect peace and relaxation. Then, take your very own time out lying on a waterbed in our PrivatSpa with a cup of tea.
140 min
€150 per person
€265 for two people

The Rasul bath is a combination of full-body exfoliation with Bentonite clay, mild heat and inhalation. It unfolds its preventive effect by stimulating the immune system and purging the organism.
30 min
€35 per person
€60 for two people

Rasul followed by 30-min rest on the waterbed with a drink.
60 min
€50 per person
€75 for two people

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