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Revives the spirits:

Partial and full-body massages

Negative Pressure Massage
This massage cleans skin down to the pores and tightens it. The suction cups create negative pressure, which visibly rejuvenates the skin and releases blockages.
Full-body massage, incl. facial and 10 min of relaxation, 90 min, €99

Indian Oil Massage
Your entire body is doused in warm oil and pampered with a gentle massage.
incl. 10 min of relaxation , 70 min (two hands) €80

Deepest relaxation: A warm stream of oil flows over your forehead, creating a sense of inner calm and serenity.
60 min (25-min flow, 25 min of rest, 10 min of showering), €70

Shirodara with Indian Oil Massage
120 min (25-min flow, 35 min of rest, 10 min shower), €140

Lomi Lomi Nui
A unique experience: Lomi Lomi Nui, a traditional Hawaiian form of massage, regenerates your body inside and out. Your entire body is massaged with flowing, gentle and energetic motions. By loosening and stretching the muscles, it dissolves blockages and stimulates energy flow.
incl. 10 min of relaxation, 70 min, €99

Herbal Stamp Massage
We massage your entire body with warm stamps – fist-sized packets filled with rice and selected herbs – in a gentle circling motion. The combination of active herbal ingredients and heat activates the self-healing and purging processes of the skin.
incl. 10 min of relaxation, 60 min, €90

Energy-Activating Massage
We massage your body energetically or gently along its energy channels, strengthening, stimulating or calming them.
incl. 10 min of relaxation, 60 min, €80

Hot Stone Massage
Heated basalt stones glide over your body with the help of aromatic oils, releasing tension and recharging its energy centres.
incl. 10 min of relaxation, 60 min, €90
Back only, incl. 5 min relaxation, 30 min €49

Back-Neck Massage
20 min + 5-min rest, €35

Head-Neck Massage
20 min + 5-min rest, €30

Hand and Arm Massage
30 min + 5 min rest, €25

Foot and Leg Massage
30 min + 5 min rest, €25

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