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Whole-body treatments

Spa baths in private spa

A bath is good for your senses, whether it relaxes, revitalises or refreshes, tones your skin or soothes cramped muscles. After your spa bath, relax on our waterbed under comfortable covers with a cup of tea made from our home-grown herbs.

Rose petal-whey bath
Whey makes your skin velvety soft, while the pleasant scent of roses adds to your relaxation

Honey-ginger bath
Both honey and ginger extract smooth your complexion and revive the senses

Coconut-mint bath
Coconut oil soothes skin in need of care, while mint oil refreshes the entire body

Sea salt-algae bath
Algae tightens and soothes irritated skin

Honeysuckle petal bath
Honeysuckle relaxes and loosens cramped muscles. Let our petal bath and its gentle action sweep you away.

Prices for spa baths
45 min, incl. relaxation in the private spa
€50 per person
€75 for two people

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