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A delight for the mind and soul

The art of Hotel Waldschlösschen

From our interior, an interested observer knows straight away that this is a place for friends of the arts. The Behmer family has given their hotel a very special personal note with selected pictures and sculptures from northern German artists such as Störtebecker, Duve, Thiele, Krigar and Borchert.

The Erwin Hinrichs Bar displays works of the artist who is its namesake, while Restaurant Fasanerie piques appetites with Friedel Anderson’s “Still Life with Lobster”. Even in the GartenSpa, you will encounter various objets d’art, including a statue of a woman made from wood more than 1000 years old that was found during excavations in Schleswig Harbour, as well as a mural with plants from the Gottorf Codex.